Godam Sewa  is a  first professional warehouse and logistics service provider in Nepal. It was established as a project of PARI business group in 2014. The co-founders being their business and residence aside the highway, have experienced the long queue of loaded trucks, containers and other vehicles causing traffic jam for hours. Thousands of loaded trucks entering to Kathmandu valley neither allotted any parking space and nor allowed to unload in the road too. On the top of that trucks are not allowed to enter the city in daytime. So they wait on the highway to unload at night. And, we understand that goods are stored in residential house and commercial buildings; getting a professional and accessible warehouse is almost impossible in Kathmandu.

To address all above pain encountered by Nepali entrepreneurs specially who business in Kathmandu, Godam Sewa started its service, beginning with 3500 square meter warehouse , adjoining to Satungal highway  which is situated at 5 Kilometers west to Kathmandu City. We would like to thank our valued customer entrepreneurs  who have not just occupied all our warehouses  we built till today ,but also overwhelmingly responded us by booking the space for next 12 months and supported us to grow  by 800% within three and half years.

This support for our growth compelled us to see a dream to establish state of the art warehouse with all accessories and clean environment, which can provide the  best service at lowest  price to our  valued


Maintain as a leading – one stop warehouse and logistic service provider , to boost  the growth and efficiency of Nepali businesses  and to ease  citizens life

  • Upgrade the level of warehousing
  • Equip well with semi-modern machineries
  • Lower down the cost in long run with efficient use of space, HR
  • Develop a management software for transparent and quick service.
  • Implement dust free and low noise warehouse management system.
  • Categorize the warehouse and customize the service accordingly.

Warehouse space: We provide  built warehouse space to entrepreneurs to store goods according to the space they need. We have categorize our customers   in two kinds, those who need 10000 square feet plus and those who need 1000 square feet plus. Clients may contact us according to their need. Our warehouse is booked for more than 100000 square feet, so we request to book for timely availability.

Contract warehouse building: Customers who need their separate warehouse for long term are requested to plan before a year and contract with us. We build customized warehouse for our customers.


We are planning to build 200000 square feet of rack storage warehouse in Kathmandu with all safety and modern facilities like fire alarms, fire fighting equipment, emergency eye wash, emergency showers first aid kits to ensure the highest level of safety standards.